Yvette Pons, nationally recognized facialist with signature techniques registered by intellectual property. Awarded in 2019 and 2022 as the best cabin aesthetic treatment.


From a very young age I was very clear about my vocation. I have always felt a very special connection between my hands and the metaphysical world. I consider myself a spiritual person and believer. I believe that we are all born with a gift and that our soul does not recognize it in the earthly world until one day we wake up and rediscover ourselves.

I have been dedicated to this beautiful profession for 32 years and I have been very lucky that life has been putting me on the path to great teachers who have taught me a large part of my learning, although my continuous concern and self-demand to continue learning has made me In a self-taught person investigating, investigating and discovering to continue growing as a professional.

27 years ago I founded my own beauty institute, Yvette Pons Institut Sublim, always at the forefront of the latest advances and with the clear objective of offering excellence to my clients. During this time, I have never stopped researching and training. Now I feel completely lucky for being able to give my best in my profession, for having faced my own fears, the changes, and for having listened to the signs that life has been sending me.

I have always intuited and they have confirmed to me that my hands have a very special connection in contact with people and that I have a job to do with them.

At one point in my professional life, certain events helped me discover that my mission in life was to create a discipline of manual massage for the face that helps beautify and rejuvenate people. At that moment, my professional part connected with my intuition and SULYFTH® was born, and a little later I created YV-LYFTH®. Two manual facial lifting therapies with exceptional results, in order to offer my knowledge to all those professionals who love their profession and believe in the power of their hands and in themselves.

“I will always continue to defend my principles and respect this very beautiful profession, of which we still have so many mysteries to discover!”