SULYFTH® is considered by many experts in the field as the best therapy of the moment to treat the signs of aging on the face. In 2019, he was awarded the first prize for the best facial therapy at the national level. This year, 2022, it has also won the award for the best cosmetic cabin treatment.

First prize at national level.
The best cabin aesthetic treatment in 2019 and 2022.

SULYFTH is a massage that is applied to the neckline, nape, neck, face and eye contour, getting back and, in some cases, eliminating muscle sagging, tissue sagging, expression lines and lack of skin luminosity… We cannot say that this method is a substitute for a surgical lifting, because it would be dishonest, not even that it achieves the result of a botox, because we will never be able to paralyze muscle movement, that would not be natural.

But I can assure you that with this therapy you will be able to improve, slow down and prevent the signs of the passage of time, just with your hands, and achieve a very satisfactory result, better than many machines and manual techniques. Just look at the before and after. The success of the fruit of SULYFTH® is the selection of different very studied and specific techniques to obtain a SUBLIME result in the treatment of facial rejuvenation.

SULYFTH® therapy can only be performed by professionals who have completed training and in accredited centers.


Accredited centers that work with Sulyfth®: